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Tam Versiyon: Before the 17th century the Dutch langu
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<!-- body { font:12px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #000; background-color: #EEF2FB; margin: 0px; } --> The Dutch language is spoken by more than 22 million people Maglia Andrea Barzagli , most of them in countries like the Netherlands and Belgium. Given this statistic, Dutch can be considered as one of the more popular languages in Europe.

Before the 17th century the Dutch language was not yet standardized. There were many dialects in existence that it was beginning to pose a problem.

After the 17th century, after the standardization of the Dutch language has taken place, it became so much easier to identify the distinctions between the standard Dutch language and its dialects. But the developments surrounding the Dutch language has continued well into the 19th and 20th century. Because of the influences being exerted by other languages like German Maglia Alex Sandro , French, and English, the standard Dutch language is undergoing a change.

One of the more noticeable change in the Dutch language over the past century is with regards to pronunciation. The voiceless pronunciation of certain letters or syllables are now entering the standard language and is a unique feature that was more commonly heard from a dialect found in a province in Holland. These voiceless pronunciations commonly revolve around ?v? as ?f?, ?z? as 's? and ?g? as ?x?. This current trend mirrors the desire for a change in spelling Dutch as near to its phonological sound as possible. This would mean that each particular sound is represented by a single letter or that a grapheme is only made in one particular way.

There is also a shift in how three diphthongs are being pronounced. The diphthongs in reference are ei Maglia Claudio Marchisio , ui, and ou. The current shift for these are now moving towards aai, ou, and aau. This change was first seen among women who are middle aged and well educated and who come from the upper middle class. These women are identified with the world of the academia Maglia Sami Khedira , politics, arts and literature.

From these beginnings the practice eventually spread out to women from other demographics. But lately even men have started employing this language change. It is also becoming employed by children, even those under the age of ten years and from very diverse backgrounds.

Already, this change can be heard in large parts of the Netherlands Maglia Giorgio Chiellini , but most especially among women of Turkish or Moroccan descent.

There are also some changes being seen in the area of morphology. One very significant change is inclusion of plural endings ( -s) even for nouns. This change is mostly seen in words that end in ?e ? for example, hoogte ? de hoogtes, which was usually hoogten.

Even the suffix ?baar is becoming more and more prevalently used in modern Dutch usage more often in the use of neologisms. In turn, the suffix -(e)lijk is becoming less and less used and in fact is being ignored in favor of the aforementioned ?baar.

There is even a rising use of ?concentrations? in modern Dutch. This is most commonly seen when using multi part compound nouns.
How many times have you heard an employee exclaim Maglia Juventus , "That's not my job!" when confronted by issues which the employee either failed to do or neglected to do. It should be easy enough to determine the truth of that statement by going through the employee's job description. That is, if the job description is current and has been periodically updated to reflect what the employee actually does at this time, and not what he or she was doing three or four years ago.

It would certainly be easy for employees to give such an excuse to free themselves from blame when something goes amiss if something important involving the issue has been omitted in the job description. This is why job descriptions should be exhaustive and presents an accurate picture of what the employee is actually doing, and not what should be doing. Many managers have faced a dilemma when deciding what to do in a situation where an employee is accused of misdeeds or not doing their duties and comes out with a vague or incomplete job description to prove that they have not been remiss in their duties. The manager and the employee are not on the same page nor are they looking at the same evidence of what was supposed to be a clear document stating what the manager expects from the employee and what the employee wants the manager to see. An effective job description should allow employees to apply certain actions that could be used to obtain desired results. This way Maglia Leonardo Spinazzola Juventus , it would not be easy for them to say "It's not my job" when they want to avoid responsibility. Letting them know that they have the responsibility for finding ways to achieve what management wants them to do will encourage them more to participate in problem solving, thus contributing more to the overall objective of the organization.

While job descriptions should be accurate and exhaustive in stating what an employee can or cannot do, it should also contain an extra note that adds another dimension to being empowered to do the job as needed: "other duties as assigned." Some employees dislike this phrase, thinking that it sets them up for something they are not prepared to do. But in reality Maglia Mattia Perin Juventus , this phrase opens up a lot of opportunities for them to go further in the company. It could be interpreted as a vague order from management but you could look at it in a positive way because it means you could show your initiative when tasked to do something more than what your job description says. Everything will become part of your job because you have assigned to do whatever it was, but it will also allow you to shine in your work, being able to present to management your own way of solving the problem, creatively and resourcefully.

A job description that is results-oriented and not process-oriented can greatly help employees to accomplish more beyond their assigned tasks and functions. It will allow them to consider doing a job in ways that may have seemed impossible or impractical in the past.
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